Technology Treats

Google is busy churning out magic glasses and cars that drive themselves. But I’ve found two ideal gadgets that utterly changed my life.  Background: I am one-handed. My right hand ceased functioning  several years ago. Try to hold a jar and twist the top off with one hand. Try  to hold a traditional can opener and turn the knob  with only your left hand.  Amazon, purveyor of everything  has solutions to both challenges.

Miracle gadget 1- canOpener
Place this darling, colorful can opener on top of any size can. Tap the button and watch this gadget take hold of that can.  It turns (without your assistance) until the top is separated from the can , held firmly by the gadget’s magnet. Gently nudge the can top from the opener. The edge around can and top are so smooth you can rest the top back on the can to store leftovers.

Miracle gadget 2-jarOpenerI cannot twist tops off of bottles or jars.

Instead, I place the gadget shown above on the item to be opened and watch it squeeze and turn until my jar, beverage bottle or even a round plastic prescription bottle is open. Perfect tool to overcome childproof medicine caps, sticky peanut butter jar tops, suction sealed mayonnaise jars, etc.

I purchased both these gadgets from Amazon for around $10 each. (Amazon Prime  members get then in 2 days with no shipping fee), but you can also find then in your local grocery hanging on the wall of the kitchen aid aisle.

The moral of this story: Google’s high falutin cars, 3D specs, etc are neat to read about but they can’t help me in the kitchen.