3D Printers –Build What You Can’t Buy

metal copy-protected keys

Any citizen, terrorist or nut case with a 3D printer can create an unregistered (ghost) gun. The picture below shows the components of a gun prior to assembly. (Wired Magazine, August 2015) The keys below fit “restricted keyways”. They are distributed to only those few people who are approved for access to whatever lies behind […]

Virtual Reality you can afford

Intercom, the Society of Technical Communications magazine,included an article called “Trying Virtual Reality on the Cheap With Google Cardboard” by Neil Perlin. If you have an Android phone, order a Google Virtual Reality cardboard viewer from Amazon for under $30. The viewer comes as a flat piece cardboard with built-in lenses and instructions to fold […]

Writing for Reader Experience

Society of Technical Communication (STC) Intercom Magazine contained the article cited below describing how we technical writers should present information to users. Today’s emphasis has shifted from cost-efficient content management to consumer experience. Our job is to delight users and simplify the message. Ways to do this include: > Invert the relationship between text and […]

Technology Treats

Google is busy churning out magic glasses and cars that drive themselves. But I’ve found two ideal gadgets that utterly changed my life.  Background: I am one-handed. My right hand ceased functioning  several years ago. Try to hold a jar and twist the top off with one hand. Try  to hold a traditional can opener […]

SEO Tips

sample ad on Google search page

Some things to consider if you want your website, blog or ad to appear on list of Google’s search results: Adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35769?hl=en) Post on other websites and blogs that allow comments–Include a back-link to your site in the post See http://www.shoutmeloud.com/5-excellent-websites-to-check-keyword-ranking-in-google.html Keep all your content unique. Do not repeat content on […]


The acronym IFTTT expands to If This Then That, an Internet service that enables you to automate small tasks which occur out in cyberspace. IFTTT “recipes” connect Triggers (events) to Actions (result). Connectable devices are your computer, tablet, IOS or Android phone. For example, you can construct a recipe that sends your mobile device a text […]

What is DITA?

DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture.?? It is yet another IBM set of XML tags governed by a Standards Committee that maintains the DITA lexicon and guidelines. DITA data organization enables reuse of information in multiple formats. DITA imposes structure on information.? You assemble chunks–topics–then paste them together in a hierarchy that shows the […]

Stuff I learned in Internet Marketing class

Social Media Icons

The problem with social media sites?is their propensity to multiply like bunnies. How many icons fit in?a browser and still leave room for content? On how many sites do you need to establish a presence? Facebook page, Linked In page, Twitter tweets, YouTube channel, Google+ Blogger and/or WordPress, Instagram and Pinterest photos, Tumbler, RSS feeds?? […]