Amerijet Cargo Management System (ACMS)

Using the Hand-Held Scanner

A scanner quickly interprets the bar-code on the label to ascertain the Warehouse Receipt (WR) number, Airway Bill (AWB) number assigned to the cargo. If the WR or AWB lists multiple pieces, each piece is given a sequence number which the scanner also reads from the label. For example, if a shipment includes two boxes, the label on one box identifies it piece 0001 and the label on the other identifies it as piece 0002.

Starting the Scanner

  1. Place a charged battery in the battery compartment of the scanner (Figure 1).
  2. Figure 1: Insert Battery

  3. Press power key (the power key) to turn the scanner on.
  4. When prompted, key in you ACMS password and press Enter.
  5. At the main ACMS menu, enter the letters BC to display the scanner menu.

Scanner Menu Options

Click on the name of an option to display instructions:

Options "5. Pallet Locations" and "7. Unpalletized Pieces" are not used.

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