ACMS Pallet Inventory

Returning Empty Pallets

When you unload cargo from an arriving flight, you use AW-08 to close the flight. AW08 allows you to indicate which empty pallets you return to the origin station.

Closing the flight

  1. From the ACMS menu, select AW08.
  2. Enter the flight number and date.
  3. Answer "Okay To Change Flight Status To FLOWN?" with a Y.
  4. When you see the prompt "Are you returning EMPTY pallets?" enter a letter Y (for yes).

Returning Pallets

The Close Flight screen changes to AW-24-01-02, which lists empty pallets in your station's inventory (Figure 1).

If you want to move pallets to another station and are not closing a flight, select AW240102 from any ACMS menu.

The upper left corner identifies your station as the owner of the inventory and the upper right shows how many pallets are currently in your station inventory. The Recd column has a Y for any pallets that were previously received in your warehouse using AW-24-02. (For information about returning pallets, see Related Information, below).

Figure 1
  1. Scroll through the list using your arrow keys. To page through long lists, press F1 or F2.
  2. When you see a pallet to return, press F3. Note the letter Y that appears on the same line as the pallet number.

    If you select the wrong pallet, press F3 again to remove the Y.

  3. Move your cursor back to the line with the Y and press Enter to fill in the 3-character airport code for the receiving station. (Figure 2) In MIA, you must enter a station code. From any other stations, station defaults to MIA.

    Do not press F3 to remove the Y after you enter a station code.

  4. Figure 2
  5. When you have marked all the empty pallets on the flight and assigned a destination station for each, press F4 and answer Y to update (Figure 3). ACMS moves all the selected pallets to the inventory of their designated destinations.
  6. Notice that the selected pallets disappear from your station pallet list and the total pallets in your inventory is reduced. (Figure 4)

    If you want to add a pallet you do not see on the list, follow the instructions below for Adding Pallets.

    Figure 3

    Figure 4:
    Total reduced
    If you have selected all available empty pallets for this flight, press F8 to exit flight closing.

Adding Pallets

If you have empty pallets in your station that that do not appear in the Station Pallet Inventory list, add the pallet to the station inventory.

  1. Press F5 from the Station Pallet Inventory or select AW240103 from any ACMS menu.
  2. Refer to Figure 5.
  3. In the Additional Inventory screen, enter the pallet number.
  4. Current location fills in with the name of the station that previously had the pallet.
  5. Figure 5
  6. If your station's inventory does not list the pallet, even though you see it in your warehouse, ACMS asks if you are sure you want to update your location with the pallet number. Answer Y.

    If you see the message "Pallet already in: your station - Can't be sent", press Enter to continue and look for the pallet in your warehouse.

  7. Press F8 to exit Additional Pallet Inventory.

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