ACMS Pallet Inventory

Receiving Empty Pallets

Each station that loads and closes a flight marks empty pallets as returned to your location. As you unload the incoming flight, use program AW-24-02 to move the empty pallets that were on that flight to your station pallet inventory.

Figure 1

AW-24-02 shows the pallet number, flight information, sending station, and number of days in-transit from originating station.

  1. Use F1, F2, and your arrow keys to locate and highlight an empty pallet. Press F3 to acknowledge the pallet arrived. F3 places the letter Y on the line describing the pallet.
  2. When you have marked all the empty pallets on received, press F4 and answer Y to upate (Figure 2). . ACMS moves all the selected pallets to your station's inventory, making them available for reloading on a subsequent flight.
  3. Figure 2

    Notice that the selected pallets disappear from the Receive Pallet Inventory list and the number of total pallets is reduced.

  4. Press F8 to exit.