Amerijet Cargo Management System (ACMS)

Using the Automated POD System

The POD Update File in ACMS enables receiving stations to quickly insert POD "R" (cargo received) entries for a particular flight.
  1. Tally the freight unloaded from an arriving flight against the freight listed on flight the manifest.
  2. On any ACMS menu screen, enter AW2051 on the Select line.
  3. Enter the flight number and date flown from origin.

    Figure 1: Enter flight and date.

  4. A list opens showing multiple AWBs from the flight.

    Figure 2: AWBs for Destination Station (BGI)

    Notice the total number of AWBs and the total pieces anticipated on the plane. If either of these numbers does not match the total on the manifest, either some AWBs were not entered into the Freight Movement Reporting (FMR) system at the origin station or the plane brought remaining pieces from incomplete AWBs received on an earlier flight.

    Use AW-20-20 to create R records for any AWBs that do not appear in the AW-20-51 list.

  5. Press F3 to accept each AWB that you received. A Y appears next to each received AWB.

    Reminder: Do not press F3 for an AWB if its cargo did not arrive on the flight.

  6. After you press F3 for the last AWB on the page, the on-screen list moves to the next page of AWBs from the flight. If you did not receive the last AWB listed on the current page, press F1 to move to the next page.
  7. If you received only some of the pieces from an AWB, you must first press F3 before you can change the number of pieces. After the Y shows the AWB was on the plane, change the pieces, as follows:
    1. Press F2, if necessary to page back and use your arrow keys to move the highlight up to that AWB.
    2. Press Enter. A box with the total pieces expected opens.
    3. Enter the actual pieces received for the AWB.

      Figure 3: Enter number of pieces received for a partial delivery

    4. Press Enter to continue.
  8. After you press F3 for all AWBs in the list that arrived with the flight, press F7.

    In the example shown below, the operator did not press F3 for the last AWB because it did not arrive on the flight.

    Figure 4: AWB 883-20612992 not received

  9. The AW-20-51 screen now lists any AWBs that did not arrive and shows the number of pieces, including any left over from a partially received AWB.

    Figure 5: AWB 883-20612992 and 2 pieces from 810-05875811 left to receive.

An R record now exists in AW-20-20 for every AWB entered in the FMR system and received on the flight, as show in Figure 6:

Figure 6: Updated POD with R record inserted