Closing an Inbound Flight (ACMS)

Printing a Manifest

  1. From the ACMS menu, select AW07.

  2. Fill in the screen. All fields are required.

    1. Warehouse defaults to your station.
    2. Enter the flight number.
    3. Press F3 to select a date from the Calendar or type the date in the format MMDDYY
    4. You can select a destination airport code or press Enter for ALL.
    5. You can enter a commodity class or press Enter for ALL.
    6.    Enter the number from the tail of the aircraft.
    7. Enter the end of the flight number as the trip number to indicate the sequence (1, 2, 3, etc.) among M6 (Amerijet) flights departing from you location on this flight date.
    8. On the printer options screen, enter 3 for alternate then select a report printer.

Figure 1 shows an excerpt from an inbound manifest.

Figure 1: Printed Inbound Manifest

     N495AJ     M6 8316/ 0016   05/26/05
   112-68009804      2  COOKWARE     40 KGSBC CARIBBEAN CENTRAL
 88 LBS
     -------------    ---------
    TOTAL      2   88 LBS

Completing the Closeout Report

The Closeout Report changes the status on every AWB from L (loaded) to F (flown). You must have the driver or pilot sign the printed report. If you do not complete this step, the airbills stay open and you cannot receive revenue credit for the shipment.

  1. From the ACMS menu, select AW08.
  2. Enter the flight number and date.
  3. Answer "Okay To Change Flight Status To FLOWN?" with a Y.
  4. Answer "Are you returning EMPTY pallets?" with a Y (for yes) or N (for No).

    If you answer Y, a list of pallets opens. Press F3 next to each pallet number you are returning on this flight.

    Figure 2: Pallets selected for return.

    When you have marked all the empty pallets on the flight and assigned a destination station for each, press F4 and answer Y to update.

  5. Complete the Closeout Report. Fill in instructions for transferring freight from the Miami facility to ultimate destinations. Enter Remarks. (Figure 3)
  6. Figure 3: Air Flight Closeout Screen

  7. On the printer options screen, enter 3 for alternate then select a report printer.
  8. Have one of the pilots sign the Closeout Report (Figure 4).

    Figure 4: Printed Closeout Report for an Inbound Air Flight

     AmerijeAmerijet International - GUA   FLIGHT CLOSEOUT REPORT   Date-05/26/05   Ref# AW-08
        Time-14:46:21   Page    1
    FLIGHT FLIGHT NO. 8316    FLIGHT DATE: 05/26/05
    TransfeTransfer Information
      Transfer to LAX truck
            Only one airbill on flight. 
    Captain's Signature: _________________________________