Using the F3 Lookup Program

In many fields, the F3 key starts the lookup feature. This section explains how to use the F3 feature. In this example, we look for the appropriate Tendered By identifier.

You MUST use the F3 key to find any Tendered By, including walkin shippers and consignees. Avoid using MISC as the Tendered By code.

Although we use Tendered By in this example, you can also use the F3 lookup program to find many different stored values, such as reservation, warehouse receipt, or airway bill number. Whenever F3 works in a field the hint <F3> to lookup appears at the bottom left of the window.

When you press F3 a prompt window appears with the possible methods (alternate identifiers) you can use to search for a record to complete the field. Figure 1 shows the prompt window that has lookup identifiers for Tendered By shipper, consignee, or agent.

Figure 1: Tendered By lookup prompt

You can use wildcards to search for a field such as Tendered By code or name.

Figures 2 and 3 show the results of a wildcard search for a Tendered By company name.

Figure 2: Using two asterisks to approximate a customer name

Figure 3: Names matching *APPAREL*

Reminder: Wildcards only work after you press F3 to access the lookup program.


Figure 3 shows the function key prompts at the bottom of the window: