Sample Routing from Domestic Station (ACMS)

Example - Export Routing from JFK through MIA to ANU 

  1. Press Enter to fill in the origin station in line 4.
  2. Type MIA to override the destination on the truck leg on Line 4.
  3. Press Enter to fill in M6 as the carrier.
  4. Enter the truck route ("flight") number. If you do not know the truck route, see Domestic Truck Schedules on the Intranet.
  5. Enter the date of the flight or press F3 to use the calendar. Make sure the date falls on the day you selected as the second digit of the truck route number.
  6. Press Enter in the fields of line 5. The system fills in MIA as the origin, the destination code from field 3, and M6 as the carrier. In the Flt field of line 5, the system prompts you to select the appropriate MIA to destination flight number. (Figure 2)
  7. Figure 2: Flight Choices

    Select an air flight number that leaves enough time for your truck to arrive and be processed in MIA.

  8. Enter the departure date for the air flight or press F3 to use the calendar.
  9. Figure 3 shows how the above example looks when done.

    Figure 3: Truck and Air Flight