Closing a Truck after Loading(ACMS)

Finishing a Flight

You must complete, print, and obtain a signature on a Closeout Report for every departing truck and have the driver sign the printed report. The Closeout Report changes the status on every AWB from L (loaded) to F (flown). If you do not complete this step, the airbills stay open and you cannot receive revenue credit for the shipment.

  1. From the ACMS menu, select AW08.
  2. Enter the truck route number and date.
  3. Answer "Okay To Change Flight Status To FLOWN?" with a Y.
  4. Answer "Are you returning EMPTY pallets?" with a Y (for yes) or N (for No).

    If you answer Y, a list of pallets opens. Press F3 next to each pallet number you are returning on this truck.

    Figure 1: Pallets selected for return.

    When you have marked all the empty pallets on the flight and assigned a destination station for each, press F4 and answer Y to update.

  5. The Closeout Report screen displays (Figure 2).

    Figure 2: Truck Closeout Screen

    Enter the truck and driver information as follows:

    1. Type the identification number from the back door of the trailer exactly as it appears on the seal.
    2. Enter 6 digits for departure date in the format MMDDYY and 4 digits for time in the format HHMM.
    3. Enter the driver names, and remarks.
  6. On the printer options screen, enter 3 for alternate then select a report printer.
  7. Have one of the drivers sign the Closeout Report (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Printed Closeout Report for a Truck

Amerijet International - JFK     FLIGHT CLOSEOUT REPORT          Date-05/23/05   Ref# AW-08
                                                                 Time-15:11:15   Page    1
                                     JAMAICA, NEW YORK
FLIGHT NO. 611           FLIGHT DATE: 05/23/05
Seal #              11234
Truck Departure     05/23/05   15:00
Driver #1           joe
       #2           tim
Remarks             LTL
Driver's Signature: __________________________________

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