ACMS Scanner Functions

Changing Weight for a Full Pallet

After you load a pallet, you can check the sum of weight for the loaded pieces calculated through scanning. If necessary, you can change the weight to match the scale weight of the loaded pallet minus the tare weight.
  1. Select BC08 on any ACMS menu or select number 8 from the Bar Coding Systems menu.
  2. At the prompt for Pallet #: scan the pallet bar code serial number or enter the alphanumeric pallet identifier manually.
  3. The screen shows that weight the system has computed from the sum of the weight for volume weight on each warehouse receipt or the the partial weight entered for a partially loaded warehouse receipt.
  4. Subtract the tare weight of the pallet from the current scale weight of the loaded pallet.
  5. Figure 1: Changing Pallet Weight

  6. At the "Is weight correct?" prompt, enter Y to verify that the Weight is now correct or enter N to again change the Scale Weight value.
  7. Press F8 to leave the screen when done.