ACMS Scanner Functions

Look Up Freight Status With Scanner

You can check whether a particular piece of freight has been scanned onto a pallet.
  1. Select BC04 on any ACMS menu or select number 4 from the Bar Coding Systems menu.
  2. At the prompt for Piece: scan the label.

    If you are entering the information manually, key in the warehouse receipt number followed by the sequence number of the piece.

    For example, to check the status of the first piece on warehouse receipt 5110111, enter
    51101110001(Figure 1).

  3. Figure 1: Warehouse and Sequence

  4. You will see a table indicating the status of the piece and the number of items associated with the warehouse receipt that were scanned onto a pallet. Figure 2a verifies that all pieces on 5110111 are palletized. Figure 2b shows that the one piece listed on warehouse receipt 5561940 has not yet been scanned onto a pallet.
  5. Figure 2a: Palletized

    Figure 2b: Booked

  6. Press F8 to leave the screen when done.

The warehouse receipt must have a status of B to be recognized by BC02 as eligible for scanning onto a pallet.