ACMS Scanner Functions

Remove Freight From Pallet With Scanner

You might need to remove frieght from a pallet because you need to reassign the freight to another flight or pallet. In the example that follows, freight is moved from belly position 2-B, possibly to load the pieces onto a pallet.

When you remove freight you change the status of each piece removed from P (palletized) to R (received).

  1. Select BC03 on any ACMS menu or select number 3 from the Bar Coding Systems menu.
  2. Enter the pallet number or belly position, flight number, and flight date.
  3. If ACMS recognizes the position or pallet as full, it asks if you want to re-open that position or pallet (Figure 1).
  4. Figure 1: Re-open Belly to Remove Freight

  5. At the prompt for Piece: scan the label of a piece to be removed. You will see a message verifying that the piece was scanned (Figure 2).
  6. Figure 2: Pieced Removed, Enter Next Piece

  7. Scan the next piece until all the pieces you are removing are scanned.
  8. Press F8 to leave the screen when done.