ACMS Scanner Functions

Load Pallet With Scanner

To change the status of a piece to P (palletized):
  1. Select BC02 on any ACMS menu or select number 2 from the Bar Coding Systems menu.
  2. Enter the flight date using 2 digits each for month, day, year.
  3. Scan the pallet serial code.

    TIP: If the computer rejects the serial code because another station failed to close a flight, change the number slightly and enter it twice.

    For example, if the computer will not accept PAL00327JH, enter PAL00327HJ. The system prompts you to reenter the number, because the pallet does not exist in the pallet inventory. (Figure 1)

  4. Figure 1: Re-entering Pallet Number

  5. Enter the tare weight of the pallet. Flat pallets weigh 250 pounds. The tare weight of pallets with containers is printed on the side of the pallet container. Press Y to confirm the weight is correct. (Figure 2)
  6. Figure 2: Tare Weight

  7. Enter the priority number (typically 8, for reserved, or 9, for regular cargo). Enter a Y to confirm your choice of priority.
  8. Each time the display prompts for Piece:, scan another label(Figure 3a).

    If the priority of the shipment Warehouse Receipt does not match the priority you selected for the pallet, enter Y to accept the difference (Figure 3b).

  9. Figure 3a: Scan Piece Label

    Figure 3b: Accept Priority for the Piece

  10. The screen confirms that the last piece scanned successfully. Continue to scan until you add all the available pieces to the pallet.
  11. When you complete the Warehouse Receipt, enter F8, then key in a description of this shipment. Enter Y to verify that the description is what you want.
  12. If you have no more pieces to scan for that pallet, answer "Pallet Completed" with a letter Y.

Count the pieces to see if the number you scanned matches the control number for the Warehouse Receipt. You can check that all of the pieces for a Warehouse Receipt are loaded on the pallet by pressing F8 to exit, which causes a message to display if a piece is missing.(Figure 5a) You can optionally accept a partial shipment on this pallet or you can enter N to identify which is the missing piece (Figure 5b).

Figure 5a: Partial Shipment Scanned

Figure 5b: Shows the Missing Piece

You can also press 1, Enter to check the status. The message "W/R not on file" appears if you have successfully scanned the entire shipment.

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