ACMS Scanner Functions

Receive Freight With Scanner

After you accept an incoming truck or flight with ACMS module AW0401, all the Airway Bills on the truck or flight change status to R. You must next scan the individual pieces that you unload from the truck or flight so that the system knows whether all the pieces from each Airway Bill arrives in Miami.
  1. Select BC01 from any ACMS menu or select number 1 from the Bar Coding Systems menu.
  2. Each time the display prompts for Piece:, scan another label or key in the WR number followed by the sequential piece number that appears on a label (Figure 1).

    The screen confirms each successful scan (Figure 2).

  3. Figure 1: Scan Piece Label

    Figure 2: Scan Successful Message

  4. Continue until you have scanned the entire contents of the truck or inbound flight.

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