Amerijet Air Cargo Management System (ACMS)

Popup Warnings

When Business Development or Accounting wants to alert you about how to complete an airway bill for a particular customer, they insert a popup warning in the customer's Tender By record.

Example: Hazmat Rates

For a volume customer who regularly ships hazardous materials (Hazmat), Amerijet might discount the flat fees that the United Nations specifies for hazardous material. Business Development or Accounting personnel enter these rates using the Control-N feature of the Tender-By file. Figure 1 shows an example.

Figure 1: Tender-By Warning For Hazmat Rates.

Attachement Type W, for warning, in field 3 forces the hazmat rate information to pop up where needed, such as in an Airway Bill Shipper field (Figure 2). When Traffic sees the rate popup, they will know to add the rates to both the Other Charges field and the Due Carrier amount of the Airway Bill charges (Figure 3).

Figure 2: Hazmat Rates Automatically Pop Up in AW02

Figure 3: Entering Hazmat Fees in AW02 (Airway Bill Charges)