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Experience the magic of Scuba Island

Brightly colored tropical fish, majestic sharks, dazzling coral... see them all on a Scuba Island dive excursion. Our dives give you a first-hand look at Costa Rica's stunning marine life. Conveniently located on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast and accessibly by all the major resorts, Scuba Island has everything you need to dive. Beginners will love our instructional courses and dive shop, and advanced divers rave about our first-class equipment. In the evening, try an amazing night dive, or just oin us for our daily beach party where you can meet other diving enthusiasts.

Looking for some family fun? Scuba Island also offers snorkeling, sunset boat rides, and dolphin adventures.

Current rates

Basic day dive: $120
Advanced day dive: $199
Advanced night dive: $249
Two-day advanced package: $399
Book now and get $30 off your first dive. 888-555-5428 or talk to your travel agent.

Visit our image gallery for a sneak peek of just a few of the sights you'll see on a Scuba Island excursion.