Virtual Reality you can afford

Intercom, the Society of Technical Communications magazine,included an article called “Trying Virtual Reality on the Cheap With Google Cardboard” by Neil Perlin. If you have an Android phone, order a Google Virtual Reality cardboard viewer from Amazon for under $30.
The viewer comes as a flat piece cardboard with built-in lenses and instructions to fold it .
After you fold your viewer, it will look something like this.

Cardboard VR viewer

Get a VR app on your phone from Google play, slip the phone in front of your viewer and enjoy. So far, available apps for a cardboard viewer budget are games and stories in which you are one of the characters.
Future plans are training experiences, such as showing technicians how to how to maintain large equipment, or placing fledgling firefighters in simulated virtual reality fires. See the Samsung Gear VR.

For a more sophisticated viewer that is currently available, check out the Samsung Gear VR .SamsungVR