The acronym IFTTT expands to If This Then That, an Internet service that enables you to automate small tasks which occur out in cyberspace.
IFTTT “recipes” connect Triggers (events) to Actions (result). Connectable devices are your computer, tablet, IOS or Android phone.

For example, you can construct a recipe that sends your mobile device a text message (action) whenever someone looks at your LinkedIn page (event). The Ingredients (pieces of data) processed by your recipe in this example would likely be the person or company viewing your LinkedIn page, date and time viewed, the viewer’s LinkedIn address. You can use the data to check the viewer’s web site for job opportunities.

Both the Trigger and Action must be one of the  IFTTT-enabled Channels listed at https://ifttt.com/channels. Watch that page because the list of channels constantly grows. You can use one of the 12804 an existing recipes listed at https://ifttt.com/recipes. As with Channels, the recipe list continually grows.  Use the large Search bar at the top of the page to find recipes you want.

For more information and hands-on practice, go to  https://ifttt.com  and click Join.

My favorite part of this experience is the large type use on the IFTTT site. Very accessible to the sight impaired.  IFTTT has potential to become a valuable accessibility tool.

Watch this blog for the next new thing: Internet of Things