I-ads –Introduce yourself to the world

You’ve got a business or a skill. You want to attract customers.? Yesterday’s paper ads (mail campaigns, magazine ads) have low ROI for you.

How do you attract today’s techno-savvy market?? Go where they gather:

  • Create your social media presence. Create a Facebook page. Ask folks to you so every post to your page appears on their timeline, where their friends see it.
  • Give your tweets a header
  • Plant your brand on Google’s search pages. Learn how to use AdWords (adwords.google.com) to initiate an effective 1 or 2 line advertisement. Pay only when someone clicks through your ad to your site.
  • Create a lively, colorful, interactive blog. Feed it fresh material frequently. Invite others to interject their views.
  • Give stuff to your visitors- discount coupons,
  • My opinion only: Keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd your web site with too many words, pictures or navigation choices. Deliver a crisp, upbeat message; invite questions, knowledge, feedback.
  • Most important, have fun. People will want what you have that makes you?make you so happy.