The documentary CitzenFour chronicles Edward Snowden’s actions and conversations during the campaign to expose how our government spies on everyone. Do you search on Google? A record exists for your every search through time. Do you shop online? NSA records purchases–weapons; legal drugs (e.g. insulin, Viagra); movies/books/gadgets and underwear from Amazon. Do you have a cell phone on […]

IFTTT recipes

This month’s IFTTT newsletter consisted of 3 sets of recipes: Capturing, storing or disseminating  news stories ( https://ifttt.com/recipes/collections/17-recipes-for-following-the-news) Pushing content from one social media platform to another (https://ifttt.com/recipes/collections/40-recipes-to-streamline-your-social-media) Road tripping (https://ifttt.com/recipes/collections/18-recipes-for-a-road-trip) In reviewing these recipe collections, I had to drill down to find out what the source and target entities are. For example:  Automatic -Watch the video […]

Stuff I learned in Internet Marketing class

Social Media Icons

The problem with social media sites?is their propensity to multiply like bunnies. How many icons fit in?a browser and still leave room for content? On how many sites do you need to establish a presence? Facebook page, Linked In page, Twitter tweets, YouTube channel, Google+ Blogger and/or WordPress, Instagram and Pinterest photos, Tumbler, RSS feeds?? […]