Virtual Reality you can afford

Intercom, the Society of Technical Communications magazine,included an article called “Trying Virtual Reality on the Cheap With Google Cardboard” by Neil Perlin. If you have an Android phone, order a Google Virtual Reality cardboard viewer from Amazon for under $30. The viewer comes as a flat piece cardboard with built-in lenses and instructions to fold […]


The documentary CitzenFour chronicles Edward Snowden’s actions and conversations during the campaign to expose how our government spies on everyone. Do you search on Google? A record exists for your every search through time. Do you shop online? NSA records purchases–weapons; legal drugs (e.g. insulin, Viagra); movies/books/gadgets and underwear from Amazon. Do you have a cell phone on […]

How can I detach from technology?

I am powerless over technology and my life is unmanageable. Examples: unsolicited, unannounced, unwanted Microsoft updates- Last night, while I was sleeping, Microsoft installed Internet Explorer 11 on my Windows 7 machine. IE 11 exists in test state and is intended for use with Windows 8. Windows 8 is meant for touch-enabled Windows laptops, Windows […]